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Eggshell as a means for product design.

EGG-SHIELD proposes to rethink the final destination of product waste. In this case, organic residues such as leftover eggshell is harnessed as an asset for the creation of  objects that imitate the main purpose of an eggshell: protection. The natural behavior of the material allows it to achieve unique shapes and textures, encouraging the implementation of new processes to create new circular products that at the end of their lifespan can nourish the soil or be reused as raw material.




"Eggshell as a human shield"

scales eggshell



Cuirass chest

"... a design approch that imitates the main purpose that eggshell is given in the first place: protection"

Vulnerability is understood as the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed either physically or emotionally,

After asking people in a survey, what part of the body would they protect when feeling vulnerable, without thinking it twice, head and chest were the most mentioned.


This enlightened me, therefore creating this design approach whose main goal is to imitate the main purpose that eggshell is given in the first place: protection.

The result:

a mask cuirass that allows only half of the face to be seen, to be judged,
To be touched, injured...

and a chest cuirass that not only protects intimate parts of my body but also questions the current system where society keeps on hiding human nature.



2.1_eggshell mask.jpg

“EGG-SHIELD is a good example for the level of quality and passion, our nominees are contributing to a more sustainable future.”

- Nils Bader, Director Green Product Award

Press Release

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Please consider the process involved and previously explained through this website:
I charge a fair amout of 55 € in total which includes: shipment, collection of the material, preparation and production of 6-7 samples. 

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