"Let it be"

"The natural behavior of the material gives to it, uniqueness by following the surface of any mold"

The material will follow any mold surface for it is like a cement-like paste, slimy and wet at the beginning. The object used as the mold can be moved and rotated as desired to let the material move freely over it, creating different paths before drying,


and when it dries, it becomes rigid providing consistency and unique textures.


Any form can be created, this means that for example, as in this case, it follows the surface of a balloon to create ephemeral capsules or as I call them "planets".






Moos Planets (tuttifrutti) 1.1.jpg

"It breaks like an egg...

and sounds like an egg cracking"

Sometimes tragedy is inevitable. This is the evidence from the crime scene. The thread I used to hold the capsule was so thin that gravity did its job very easily...

but sometimes tragedy means serendipity...

Tragedy on the floor

Eggshell as a wearable shield


Eggshell as an asset for 3D printing


Tiles made out of eggshell and the corresponding tests

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