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Eggshell tiles


This was the beginning of my journey as a material designer: working with eggshell.

After realizing the amazing properties the material had to offer, I decided to go further with the explorations and improving the recipe.


This research looks at the potentials of using eggshell from food industry as a component for a concrete like material; 

this means that ´waste is being used as a resource´ and addressing sustainability as these materials come from nature.

"...waste is being used as a resource"




"Materials are unique.

This material-driven research does not pretend to replace any material but rather to show alternatives"

Since the biocement or, as I call them "eggshell mini-tiles" have similar properties to natural limetsone, (cement main asset), I did some tests.

Material characterization is crucial to understand its behavior under certain stresses within its environment and its user. Hence, the objective was to subject the material to certain tests and therefore, an application approach might emerge. 

Eggshell bowls


Eggshell tile before dissolving
Eggshell dissolved in water




Then, the magic comes.

Since it is made of natural materials, it can be degraded naturally in water.

This DOES NOT mean it is compostable. It should be noted that further research is needed regarding its degradation under certain conditions.

The material also has the potential to be produced in a larger scale, as the process is summarized in 5 main steps that already exists in larger industry:

1. Grinding

2. Heating

3. Formng

4. Cooling

5. Drying

NOTE: I encourage you to further investigate its behavior if this is planned to have a real industrial application

EGGSHIELD - eggshell cuirass
3D printed eggshell
Eggshell capsule with a lily
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