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This section consolidates the practices and lectures that I deliver in various settings, including summer schools, online and on-site classes. These encompass the sharing of knowledge in materials science, covering aspects such as structure and properties, manufacturing techniques, characterization (with a focus on mechanical testing), evaluation of physico-chemical properties and the definition of potential applications.


Mechanical tests

Material characterization: realization of standarized tensile, compresion, flexural and charpy tests for different materials (educational level).

Physico-chemical practices

Comparison of pH indicators: natural (red cabbage) vs. 'human tech' (strips) and formation of Cu(OH)2 over a copper foil with different substances, after 72 h exposed to ammonia gas (corrosion practice).

Material experimentation

Material-driven workshops with organic residues for the creation of composites and mono-material products.


Recycled plastic

Extrusion of plastic residues


Bacterial cellulose (kombucha) workshop by Laia and Marta


Summer School 2023


#naturaldyes #spirulina

#mycelium #bacterialcellulose



#smartinks #thermochromicink


Workshop by Judith

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