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From surplus to lichen bioplastic


Known as Reindeer Moss (Cladonia rangiferina).
Its name and growth pattern are often misleading in its appearance to moss... but it is not a moss !

It is a lichen: a fungal symbiont... a what !?

A union of a fungus and an alga or Cyanobacteria. They establish a relationship so close that they can be considered the same individual.

Imagine it as a mini ecosystem... where each element provides a feature allowing it to live in places where the individual parts alone couldn’t...

Bioplástico de liquen



Let’s be honest.

Leftover materials are not very attractive to most of the people,

but they are, to material designers, researchers, Nature... since it is nourishment for the creation of new concepts, products, processes...

and that is what we explored in KHAMAI STUDIO 

This Design Agency is in charge of 

Moos Color collections of products with reindeer moss in different colors, but what about the remaining material?

Well, we’ve partnered to found magical properties in this lichen !

Material set lichen bioplastic


"The surplus materials are nourishment for the creation of new concepts, products, processes"

Lichen bioplastic - flexible
Mid flex mat moos

No, I’m not replacing anything.

Each material is unique for it is already intended to be, have, and serve a specific purpose.

In this case, the properties of the lichen bioplastic allow it to be an alternative material for packaging manufacture

Spongy lichen bioplastic
Mat moos



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